How to Remove the Eyelashes for Reusage Again?

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April 16, 2018

How to Remove the Eyelashes for Reusage Again?

Girls are always fascinated to wear the best makeup on. Looking beautiful and attractive is not just their preference, instead, a need. As every girl is worth it! The charm and magnificence redefine with added mascara, make-up and eyelashes- the fake ones for sure. With false eyelashes, the beauty enhances to unprecedented limits.
Appreciation in the eyes of the by-lookers and public incentivize them mentally. But after you have spent a lot of green bucks on the eyelashes, you will not feel like chucking it off. It is hard to give away such huge investments with no returns. So, if you have some old eyelashes that you bought at incredibly high prices, it is high time to use them differently. In this piece, you will get to know alternate use or reuse of false eyelashes.

How to Reuse the False Eyelashes?

Use Oil-Free Makeup Remover

After you have used the false eyelashes for the complete day, the specific technique must be used to remove the eyelashes for reuse. Dab the cotton swab in the makeup remover and gently spread it across the eyelashes. Once you do this, it will loosen up the adhesive so that you can carefully take out the eyelashes for reuse. An oil-free makeup remover will be your best option to get away with the eyelashes and do not spoil the extensions of the eyelashes.

Pick the End of Removal

Start with the end of the eyelashes from the side of the ear. Slowly and steadily peel it off. The force applied should be minimal to avoid any damage done to the false eyelashes. Tweezers are strictly prohibited, use the hands instead and peel off the eyelashes.

Steadily Remove the Inner Corner

Once the edges are free, gently force applied on the midsections will detach the false eyelashes from the real-eyelashes without damaging the eyelashes. If you feel that the eyelashes are stuck, use some more makeup remover and ensure that they loosen up for seamless removal.
With these ways, you can quickly remove the eyelashes without damaging them for reuse

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