How To Prevent Constipation in Babies?

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April 16, 2018
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How To Prevent Constipation in Babies?


How To Prevent Constipation in Babies?

If your baby is dealing with constipation, it will be a challenge for him/her to relieve after food. Severe constipation problem can slowly and gradually lead to other challenges like piles as your baby would grow up. It is imperative to nip this problem in the bud itself. While most of the parents suffer from helplessness, with slight insights and information, you can give the comfort and relaxation to the body at the time of relieving the unwanted waste from the body naturally.

How to Prevent Infant Constipation?

Constipation is the most common problem now-a-days and because of the constipation, the possibility of piles and other ailments also develop with time. In case, if you feel that a conducive atmosphere for the baby must be created to avoid constipation issues, here are a few ways to deal with this challenge.

Fiber Rich Diet

At times the parents are not aware about the choice of the food. They might unknowingly feed such food to the baby that can lead to constipation. Banana, carrot and rice cereals are top foods to blame for uncomfortable constipation. To prevent the possible sign of constipation in babies, always go for solid foods after 8 months to 1 year. With such a time period in mind, the possibility of prevention of constipation would be higher.

Physical Activity

It is a given fact that babies in their initial stage of development will not undertake rigorous physical work. Even if you have a toddler, encourage him/her to crawl on the floor for some time in the day. In this way, you can incorporate some physical activity in their schedule and thereby helping them to digest food fast and create quality excretion.

Artificial Peddling

Babies won’t be able to do a lot of leg exercises when they are in their nascent stage of development. You have to take that onus and engage in hand-driven leg exercises. In this type of exercise, you can ask them to peddle artificially through your help. Thus, when they do so, extreme amount of pressure is exerted, thereby, facilitating faster digestion. The intestines can work wonder with such exercises and help break the food into smaller fragments for better relieving exercise.

Smart Playfulness

Rolling toys and specific crawling games can motivate your baby to crawl on the ground. In this way, the physical activity will increase and reflect on the digestive power of the baby.

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